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It is summer

YOOO second blog entry. Okay so I would have made one sooner but I JUST came off the end of a 3 week holiday with my fiance which went better than I ever could have expected and I'm feeling good now. Refreshed. Genuinely more like myself than I've felt in a loooong time.

I have realized a lot of things. I struggled with some concerns over my identity and my imagination that seem to have resolved themselves thus far, although if the issues come back I think I know what to do about them now. I thrive in settings of affection, that usually helps. I know that now! Hell yeah.

I decided on naming my EDM music simply "Viricide" too, I used to make music for the MLP community under the name Viricide Filly so it links.

Otherwise, I'm mostly just enjoying being on my own and actually thriving in that setting for once instead of feeling crippling loneliness and a lack of any personality. Hope to see you again soon!

16 June 2022

First new entry!

Hello all. This is just an initial entry into the blog while I get some things sorted out. So, I'm still trying to figure out how much I want the new site to be like the old site. I mean, I could probably just copypaste it directly from archive dot org but like...I don't know. I wanted to rewrite it entirely from the ground up. The old markup was really messy and stuff was just all over the place! I mean, it's STILL all over the place. Just..less. And it's been hard to really get the motivation to work on this website. The start of this year was unbearably difficult and even now I'm stressed, so I don't get the time much to do proper things. But I'll still try my hardest, but things like the collection page will be gone for a while because all my consoles are still in packing boxes.

But next up are the cool sections about the music I like, this time including metal because that's something I'm in now, although some album covers will have to be censored or whatever because...I want this to be SFW. Yeah yeah I know.

Thank you for sticking around and showing interest in this stuff. There'll be so much more in terms of music and writing throughout the year.

13 May 2022