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Click above to go to the radical blog, a blog about uh..anything.

If I somehow manage to update the blog regularly I will have achieved something I never have before.

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Mx Sinclaire's Radical Lair

Dedicated to a million lives I may or may not have lived, am living, or will live.

Hi! My name is Mx Entrapta Sinclaire, but everyone calls me Enty. I'm a retro princess!

This is my lair, my radical lair even. I made it so I could have a corner of the internet to call my own!

On this site you'll find music, writing and general nerdy stuff. I made it to look this way because I dislike how modern websites look. They're supposed to have personality, dangit!

To get around the radical lair, use the sidebar to the left. We have a library, pages for music I make, AND music I like, and there'll be lots more in the future.

Keep checking back! Remember to press ctrl+f5 to clear cache, new browsers don't do that automatically for...some reason.

This website is a recreation, rewrite, and new version of my old website, the original page of which was deleted (by me) at the very end of last year. May the Radical Lair live on here!

Most GIFs here are from gifcities and the internet archive! Let me know if you want any taken down because they're yours. They are cool though.

Things I like:

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Here are some unclickable buttons I found and like. I like to think they say a lot about me.

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